CCC'2022 : Company and Climate Change Conference 2022

The Imperative of Innovation and Sustainable Development: A New Paradigm in Research

December 18-20 , 2022

Hammamet, Tunisia

Organized by

University of Tunis, Institut Supérieur de Gestion de Tunis

Ecole doctorale: ISGT - ESSECT - TBS

The Mediterranean Association for Financial and Economic Analysis (AMAFE)

GEF2A Laboratory

EDC Paris Business School


Climate change, environmental degradation and biodiversity loss have fueled recent debates on the relationship between development and sustainability. These debates are reflected in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Climate change has emerged as the most pressing challenge to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the aspirations, goals and targets of Agenda 2063. Climate change also poses significant risks for businesses unable to adapt to the new context. On the other hand, it presents opportunities for those who demonstrate vision and leadership. Climate change will affect many aspects of organisational management and its importance will only increase over time - its effects are already being felt on natural resources, while governments work on policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To meet the challenge of climate change, companies will need to create low-carbon products and services, reduce the carbon footprint of their operations, engage stakeholders, governments and businesses along their supply chain to determine what initiatives to put in place, improve the resilience of their infrastructure, and reorient their long-term strategy to incorporate emerging climate change issues.




Parallel Sessions




Guests and speakers




· The challenges of climate change

· Risk management and climate change

· Fintechs vs. climate change

· Technological and social innovation

· Marketing and sustainability

· Climate vulnerability and sustainable finance

· Social performance and financial performance

· Human resources and sustainable development

· The human and economic consequences of sustainable development

· Global reporting initiative (GRI) and Integrated Reporting

· IFRS and sustainability reporting standards

· Accounting and sustainability

· Social and environmental accounting

· Corporate governance and sustainability

· Sustainable finance & impact investing

· Management control and environmental auditing

· Artificial intelligence and climate change

· The Economics of Climate Change

· Real Option Analysis and Climate Change

· Climate risk, stress test

· Impact investing and emery transition

A wide range of speakers will participate in the Conference, including:


Policy makers, investors and practitioners in general;

Representatives of international organizations.

In addition, we will have workshop sessions, we invite PhD students to submit their papers.

Conference Chairs

Prof.Wided KHIARI

University of Tunis, ISG de Tunis, GEF2A Lab, Tunis (Tunisia)

Prof.Zied FTITI

EDC Paris Business School, Paris France & University of Tunis, ISG de Tunis, Tunis (Tunisia)

Prof.Imen KOUKI

University of Tunis, ISG de Tunis, GEF2A Lab, Tunis (Tunisia)

Keynote Speakers

Jean-François BOULIER

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More informations

Important Dates

  • November 15, 2022: submission deadline (Abstracts or Papers)

  • November 20, 2022: Notification of the decision

  • November 25, 2022: Registration

  • December 18-20, 2022: Conference Event

41, Rue de la Liberté, Cité Bouchoucha 2000 Le Bardo,Tunis -TUNISIA

+216 71 588 423

University of Tunis

Organizing Committee